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40 Years of Washington Stories

Humanities Washington Began Supporting Family Reading 19 Years Ago

Family Reading Featured

Since 1995, Humanities Washington’s reading program has expanded to distribute more than 118,000 books into the hands of parents and kids across Washington State. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

Governor’s Writing Awards Celebrated Literary Leadership

GWA Featured

The Governor’s Writing Awards recognized literary leaders throughout Washington state. [Read]

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Bigfoot, Myths and Bedtime Stories

Spokane-based author Sharma Shields reflects on magic, myths and the inspiration of Pacific Northwest landscape for her writing. [Read]

News & Notes

First 2015-2016 Speakers Bureau Booking Deadline is 10/31

Humanities Washington is proud to announce our new roster of Speakers Bureau presenters and updated host organization guidelines for 2015-2016. The first 2015 deadline for host organizations to book speakers is October 31, 2014. [Read]

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When War Meets the Movies: A Look at the Civil War in Films

Many decades after the American Civil War, many of us learn about this historical event in the classroom, from books or by going to the movies. [Read]

From the Executive Director

Embracing Culture and Tradition

Julie Ziegler

One of the many things I love about Washington State is the way that communities of all sizes embrace culture and tradition. As summer transitions into fall, there are so many opportunities to come together, explore history and discuss new ideas. [Read]

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Washington State Poet Laureate, Elizabeth Austen, Builds Poetry Legacy – One Mile at a Time

The honor of Washington State Poet Laureate comes with a given: miles and miles travelled. Whether by car, on foot, on a ferry, or by small plane, Elizabeth Austen knows it is all part of the journey, and relishes each experience. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

Whatcom Museum Continues to Engage with History and Art

Whatcom Museum Featured

The Whatcom Museum in Bellingham has a strong heritage of producing exhibits that engage local communities. [Read]

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Tod Marshall: The Creative Process of Poetry

The interviews that Tod Marshall conducted with American poets born between the years 1941 and 1959 became the subject of his book Range of the Possible: Conversations with Contemporary Poets (2002). A companion collection of their respective poetry, Range of Voices, followed in 2005. His newest book, Bugle, comes out in October. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

“Cutting Edge” Media Center Offered Access to Premium Technology

Media Center Tech Featured

The Humanities Washington Media Center brought technology and cutting-edge equipment to film-makers in the Northwest in the 1990s. [Read]