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5 Questions

An Interview with Elizabeth Heffron: The Dramatic Engine of a Play

The plays written by Elizabeth Heffron force their ordinary characters toward extraordinary contemplations of health, death, family, and society. The Seattle playwright has worked in multiple aspects of live theater, ranging from full-length stage drama to short works and radio plays. Along the way she has made a name for herself as “an artist with [Read]

5 Questions

5 Questions with Peter Mountford: The Influence of Economics on Creativity

As a staffer at a well-known Washington, D.C. think-tank, Peter Mountford had a window on the world that most novelists would envy — and that was formative on the fiction he later wrote. [Read]

5 Questions

An Introduction to Mystery, Wonder and the Realms of Possibility with Charles Johnson

Award-winning author Charles Johnson reflects on the power of illustration to inspire learning. [Read]

5 Questions

Washington State Poet Laureate Builds Poetry Legacy – One Mile at a Time

Washington Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen is building a poetry legacy, one mile at a time. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

Barn Again! Put Small Museums, Rural Communities in the Spotlight

Barn Again Featured

This installment of 40 Years of Washington Stories looks at the traveling exhibit Barn Again!, which brought discussions about history and culture to rural museums around the state. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

Scandinavian Film Festival Bridged Cultures With Rare Films

Swedish Film Festival Featured

As part of our 40th anniversary celebration, we’re looking back at our past programs. The Scandinavian Film Festival brought rare films to Seattle – a city rich with Scandinavian heritage. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

Fiery Teamster Donohoe Supported Humanities as Board Member

In the latest installment of 40 Years of Washington Stories, we reflect back on someone who used the editorial page to link the perspectives of the humanities, workers and unions. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

Humanities Washington Award First Honored Local Leaders 15 Years Ago

Ron Chew Featured

This installment of 40 Years of Washington Stories celebrates the Humanities Washington Award, first awarded to Ron Chew in 1995. [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

Annual Bedtime Stories Event Benefits the Humanities and Inspires Authors

0131_BedtimeStories.BTS 2011 Authors Featured

This installment of 40 Years of Washington Stories shares the background of our Bedtime Stories fundraiser, begun 16 years ago in 1999. Join us this year for Bedtime Stories events in Seattle and Spokane! [Read]

40 Years of Washington Stories

To Be Young, Gifted and Black Resonated with Youthful Audiences in Seattle

YGB Featured

In this look at Humanities Washington’s past programs, we examine Group Theater’s 1994 production of To Be Young, Gifted and Black, which sparked many post-play discussions. [Read]