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In Honor of Memorial Day: Whitman’s “The Wound-Dresser”

aid-and-comfort-am-ambulance-co-12-nlhm-1918 smaller

I am faithful, I do not give out/The fractur’d thigh, the knee, the wound in the abdomen/These and more I dress with impassive hand, (yet deep in my breast a fire, a burning flame.) [Read]

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On Being Asian American: An Interview with Sam Louie

Photo: Gexydaf, via Flickr/Creative Commons

“Growing up in America, you’re taught to personalize everything, to individuate, to be your own person,” says Sam Louie, therapist and blogger for Psychology Today. “But my family, ancestors, and culture have inculcated more of a groupthink mentality.” [Read]

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The Bull Moose and the Evergreen State


In 1903 Teddy Roosevelt came to Washington State, where he preached sustainability before it was fashionable, introduced landmark irrigation techniques, and united the state around a vision that would last for generations. Not bad for a five-day trip. [Read]

Further Reading

Bite Into More about Washington Fruit

fruit stand

Did you read Julia Harrison’s interview and start craving more fruit, sweets, and Washington State history? Here are a few things that can help satisfy. [Read]

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Stem Education: Discovering the Stories Behind Washington Fruit

Apple tree in Steptoe, Washington. Photo: Charles Knowles, via Flickr/Creative Commons.

Julia Harrison turned a sweet tooth into a lifelong fascination with fruit, sweets, and what they say about Washington’s history and culture. [Read]

This Week & Next

How Do Sports Reflect America’s Racial Divide?

Tanya Mosley, Donald Watts, and Eric Davis

Join us for two Think & Drink events in Seattle, “You Mad Bro?: Race and Diversity Issues in Sports,” April 20 and 27 with UW basketball great Donald Watts. [Read]

News & Notes

Announcing the 2015 Humanities Washington Awardees

Ellen Ferguson and Tod Marshall

Philanthropist Ellen Ferguson and poet Tod Marshall will be recognized for outstanding achievement in the public humanities at our Bedtime Stories fundraising events in October. [Read]

News & Notes

From Soldier to Civilian, with Help from the Humanities

Standing_Down_blog crop

Talking Service, a new program from Humanities Washington, connects returning veterans to literature that speaks to their experiences. [Read]

News & Notes

New 2015 Funding and Partnership Opportunities

A Prime Time Family Reading in Kennewick

Grants for little-known Washington stories, Prime Time Family Reading opens for applications, and new travel stipends for Speakers Bureau presenters are some of our new offerings for 2015. [Read]


Viva Yuyi: An Interview with Yuyi Morales

Yuyi Morales

The Caldecott Honored children’s author on her latest book Viva Frida, the turmoil that sparked her fascination with children’s books, and her upcoming project with Sherman Alexie. [Read]