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In the Field

ISIS and the Fight for Islam

A woman holds a candle at a vigil for victims of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris.  Photo: Penn State, via Flickr/Creative Commons

How Islamic is the Islamic State? Read excerpts from our recent Think & Drink in Yakima. [Read]


Poetry in a Penitentiary

Photo: Harvey and Marie Sandborn, via Flickr/Creative Commons

After leading poetry workshops for inmates at two maximum security prisons, Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen briefly reflects. [Read]


In Honor of Veteran’s Day, Stephen Crane’s “The Veteran”

HD_PicketRainForbes crop

“‘Mr. Fleming,’ said the grocer—his deferential voice expressed somehow the old man’s exact social weight—’Mr. Fleming, you never was frightened much in them battles, was you?'” [Read]


Seattle, Let’s Talk About Race

Photo: Doug Pieper, via Flickr/Creative Commons

When it comes to race, what is Seattle doing right, and what needs to change? Join us for our next Think & Drink event Nov. 10, “Seattle Skin: Being Black in a Liberal City,” at Greenwood’s Naked City Brewery and Taphouse. [Read]

Reading Habits

T. Andrew Wahl

Andrew Wahl

What does comic book historian T. Andrew Wahl read in his spare time? We’ll give you one guess. [Read]

5 Questions

She and Her and Them: Kris Dinnison on Writing about Teenage Relationships

Kris Dinnison - Image 2 (larger)

The author of “You and Me and Him” on her meandering path toward being a “young adult” author. And what the “young adult” genre even means. [Read]

News & Notes

It’s Spokane’s Bedtime on October 23


This weekend is your last chance to register for the literary celebration where Spokane authors read original short stories. [Read]

Reading Habits

Samuel Ligon

Sam Ligon crop

The author of “Drift and Swerve” on who, what, when, and where he reads, and how the iTunes terms and conditions is part of an under-appreciated genre. [Read]

5 Questions

Podcast Therapy for the Struggling (and Not-So-Struggling) Writer

Tiny Sense

Bestselling author Jess Walter discusses “A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment,” his podcast with Sherman Alexie on the pleasures and perils of putting words on a page. [Read]

5 Questions

How War and Words Shaped Claudia Castro Luna

Claudia Castro Luna blog

Seattle’s first Civic Poet fled war-ravaged El Salvador as a girl. Now she’s turning the experience into a memoir while also encouraging others to express themselves through words. [Read]