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5 Questions

Do Dolphins Love Mozart?

Photo: Kyle Greenberg via Flickr/Creative Commons

We’ve long believed animals make sounds only for communication purposes, but a wildlife biologist hears in their calls a musician’s appreciation for beauty. [Read]

News & Notes

Are We Really That Polarized? Discuss at a Seattle Think & Drink July 12

Photo: Danny Hammontree, via Flickr/Creative Commons

Right in time for the presidential conventions, join us for “American Rage: Division and Anger in US Politics,” a Think and Drink in Seattle on July 12. [Read]

Live From …

Seattle Skin: Being Black in a Liberal City

Police accountability protest in Seattle. Photo: Scott Lum

Seattle is often touted as a liberal city with progressive attitudes toward race. But is the city just better at hiding its prejudices? Read excerpts from our recent Think and Drink. [Read]

Live From …

The Necessity Defense: Climate Change and Civil Disobedience

Photo: Abby Brockway

What is the future of protest in the age of climate change? Read excerpts from our Think & Drink in Seattle featuring Delta Five activist Abby Brockway, UW oceanography professor Richard Gammon, and UW political science professor Megan Ming Francis. [Read]

Reading Habits

Tod Marshall

Photo: Mike Hipple

If the Washington State Poet Laureate is ever banished to a desert island, you’ll find him re-enacting Whitman poems in the surf. [Read]

Reading Habits

Julie Ziegler

Julie for blog

Humanities Washington’s executive director on who, what, when, and how she reads—and how the “Little House” books helped her be a better parent. [Read]

5 Questions

The History in Your Backyard

Image: Angie Harms, via Flickr/Creative Commons

Just a half mile from her house, Llyn De Danaan stumbled across a gravestone that changed the course of her research. Now she is teaching others how to discover the history all around them. [Read]

5 Questions

I’ll Fly Away: A Sojourn through Spirituals

Marian Anderson sings a spiritual at the U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., in 1943.

A spiritual was more than a song, says Speakers Bureau presenter Gloria Burgess. It was a vital part of a slave’s daily life, a link to an African past, a spark for modern American music, and a coded message. [Read]

News & Notes

Washingtonians: Submit Your Poetry to a New Anthology

Photo: Mark Morgan

Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall wants you to submit poetry for a new anthology featuring Washington voices. And so does Governor Jay Inslee. [Read]

5 Questions

Community Movement: How the Fandango Transcends Dance

Photo: Jenni Kotting, via Flickr/Creative Commons

A cultural tradition from Veracruz can break down divides and bring people together, says Speakers Bureau presenter Yesenia Hunter. [Read]