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Reading Habits

Sharma Shields

Sharma Shields blog

Sharma Shields wants to take the works of James Joyce to a desert island, marry Helen Phillips’s “The Beautiful Bureaucrat,” and be calmed by HGTV Magazine. [Read]

5 Questions

This Man is Keeping a Watchful Eye on Your Online Privacy

Alex Alben

Speakers Bureau presenter Alex Alben was just appointed Washington State’s first Chief Privacy Officer by Governor Jay Inslee. We spoke to him about what this means for the tech sector—and for ordinary citizens. [Read]

Reading Habits

Elizabeth Austen

E Austen - Outdoor Headshot - Fat Yeti Photography for blog

The Washington State Poet Laureate has poetry for breakfast. [Read]


A Philosopher And An Atmospheric Scientist Walk Into A Bar…

Geoengineering blog post image

Hear the complete audio of our Think & Drink event, “Earth, Interrupted: Climate Change and Geoengineering.” [Read]

In the Field

Extraordinary Ordinary People: Showing Off Masters of Folk Arts


“The folk and traditional arts may be rooted in the past,” says exhibit documentarian Alan Govenar, “but they are critical to our understanding of the contemporary world.” [Read]

Top 10

A History of Washington Music in Ten Songs


If you haven’t heard music from these Washington State artists, you haven’t heard music. [Read]

Live From …

You Mad, Bro? A Conversation About Race and Sports


“Sports are essentially a reflection of the best of who we are and the worst of who we are” as a society, says sociologist Eric Davis. [Read]

5 Questions

After War, Finding the Right Words

Shawn Wong header

Can the simple act of storytelling save a veteran’s life? Shawn Wong, author, professor, and Speakers Bureau presenter, discusses helping veterans express themselves through writing. [Read]

Reading Habits

Garth Stein

Garth Stein Spark blog

The author of “The Art of Racing in the Rain” and “A Sudden Light” reveals his reading habits—and tells us to relax about that whole e-reader vs. paper book thing. [Read]


Acts of Citizenship

A girl at the 2015 Flag Day Festival welcoming new American citizens. Photo: Naomi Ishisaka, (C) Seattle CityClub

“What will you learn or do or make today and know: now I too am an American?” Washington Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen’s poem for Seattle’s Flag Day Naturalization Ceremony. [Read]