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5 Questions

Podcast Therapy for the Struggling (and Not-So-Struggling) Writer

Tiny Sense

Bestselling author Jess Walter discusses “A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment,” his podcast with Sherman Alexie on the pleasures and perils of putting words on a page. [Read]

5 Questions

How War and Words Shaped Claudia Castro Luna

Claudia Castro Luna blog

Seattle’s first Civic Poet fled war-ravaged El Salvador as a girl. Now she’s turning the experience into a memoir while also encouraging others to express themselves through words. [Read]

5 Questions

The Myth of the Traditional Family

Photo: Elvert Barnes, via Flickr/Creative Commons

“We tend to have so much nostalgia,” says sociologist Teresa Ciabattari. “We think that today’s families are so complicated, and that in the past they weren’t, which of course is not the case at all.” [Read]

News & Notes

On October 2, It’s Seattle’s Bedtime

BTS Seattle for blog 2015

Registration is now open for Seattle’s literary celebration in which acclaimed Northwest writers unveil original short stories. [Read]

5 Questions

Living Out Loud: Nancy Horan Reveals the Women Overlooked by History

Nancy Horan - Image

The real women in her bestselling novels “Under the Wide and Starry Sky” and “Loving Frank” led lives of struggle and scandal. How does Nancy Horan turn fact into fiction? [Read]

Reading Habits

Charles Johnson


The award-winning author of Middle Passage talks about the author he’d take to a desert island, the book everyone should read, and much more. [Read]

Reading Habits

Sharma Shields

Sharma Shields blog

Sharma Shields wants to take the works of James Joyce to a desert island, marry Helen Phillips’s “The Beautiful Bureaucrat,” and be calmed by HGTV Magazine. [Read]

5 Questions

This Man is Keeping a Watchful Eye on Your Online Privacy

Alex Alben

Speakers Bureau presenter Alex Alben was just appointed Washington State’s first Chief Privacy Officer by Governor Jay Inslee. We spoke to him about what this means for the tech sector—and for ordinary citizens. [Read]

Reading Habits

Elizabeth Austen

E Austen - Outdoor Headshot - Fat Yeti Photography for blog

The Washington State Poet Laureate has poetry for breakfast. [Read]


A Philosopher And An Atmospheric Scientist Walk Into A Bar…

Geoengineering blog post image

Hear the complete audio of our Think & Drink event, “Earth, Interrupted: Climate Change and Geoengineering.” [Read]