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5 Questions

Antonio “Tony” Davidson-Gómez on Race, Place, and Culture

Davidson-Gómez with Amanda Wilde and Daudi Abe at a "Race in Music" Think & Drink event. Photo: Devin Kearns.

Educator and musician Antonio “Tony” Davidson-Gómez looks back on a series of particularly provocative Think & Drink events. [Read]

News & Notes

First Washington Stories Fund Grant Awarded to Jack Straw Cultural Center

Visually impaired adult and youth share stories through "Through the Light: Profiles in Blindness."

Innovative Program Will Explore Adult and Youth Profiles in Blindness [Read]

News & Notes

Humanities Washington Awarded the Largest Grant in Its History

A Prime Time Family Reading at the Walla Walla Public Library. The grant from the Satterberg Foundation will help expand it and other programs.

A generous $300,000 grant from the Satterberg Foundation will help enhance and expand programming. [Read]

5 Questions

Mad as Hell: Why America is Polarized

Photo: Nestor Lacle, via Flickr/Creative Commons

“Politics become more passionate—and less civil—when there are real, important differences between the parties,” says Cornell Clayton. [Read]

5 Questions

Shining a Light on the World’s Second Largest Religion

The Koran. Photo credit:  Ali Mir, via Flickr/Creative Commons.

“The media’s pretty bad at informing us,” says David Fenner. “We get this image that the entire Muslim world is in collusion with people that are blowing up buses of school children, and that’s absolutely an unfair characterization.” [Read]

This Week & Next

Children’s Author Yuyi Morales, a Think & Drink on Race in Film, and More

Yuyi Morales

What’s coming up in Washington state? Caldecott-honoree Yuyi Morales, a Think & Drink on race in film, and edible insects. It’s going to be a great couple weeks. [Read]

5 Questions

Deeply Funny: Humor and Movies as Gateways to Philosophy


“I see philosophy as a public good, and I’m eager to reach as many people as possible.” An interview with Speakers Bureau presenter Mike VanQuickenborne. [Read]

5 Questions

The Memory of the Masses: David Schulz on How Cultures Remember

David Schulz

“I think civicness in large parts rests on the way we remember and forget events — not just the past, but the past that’s being created right now.” [Read]

5 Questions

“They Don’t Want to Hear Pundits, They Want to Watch Rap!”: Eric Davis on Using Hip Hop to Connect Communities

As a youth, Eric Davis realized his approach to education wasn’t working—until he realized that rap could make a great teacher. [Read]

5 Questions

The History of Human Rights, As a Catalyst for Action

Dr. Nancy Koppelman covers the history of human rights in her 2015-2016 Speakers Bureau presentation, and how the modern concept of human rights came to be. [Read]